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Nicole E. Johnson, RN, MBA
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If you found yourself here it's a high probability that you, or someone you love is suffering from a broken heart. Is it due to a death, divorce, or another major loss? If so you might feel sad, distracted or confused. You are not alone. The Grief Recovery Method® has been helping people feel better following a loss for over 40 years. Below you can learn about my different Grief Recovery Method® services by entering your name, email and phone number for a free discovery call.
Nicole's Story of Grief

After losing my mother on December 2, 2014, I was devastated and filled with grief. I sought help by searching for professional counseling and support groups. I began one-on-one counseling with a professional counselor. After 2 sessions, my counselor told me I did not need to continue with our sessions. However, I knew within myself that it was not true. Still filled with grief, I joined a support group at my church to cope with my broken heart. However, after a few sessions realized it was not working for me either. Deep down inside, I still felt broken from my mother's death. On the heels of the loss of my mom came other significant losses in my life. I wondered if I would ever get pass the pain or would I honestly feel the void of my losses and heartbreak for the rest of my life. I knew I was still in need of help to overcome my grief.

One evening while still mourning the death of my mother and desperate for help, I goggled the term "grief recovery" and found The Grief Recovery Method Institute. I knew nothing about this entity but saw that they offered a 2-day weekend workshop to help individuals cope with grief. I saw that one of their weekends was being offered in the Atlanta, GA and I signed up right away. During that weekend, I received a curriculum and specific instructions to help guide me through grief recovery. It was an amazing experience that gave me a sense of relief that I yearned for. The experience contributed greatly to my healing and recovery.

After my 2-day grief recovery experience, I was offered the opportunity to help others cope with their grief via The Grief Recovery Method® Certification Program. Remembering how difficult it was for me to find help while mourning the death of my mother, I knew I wanted to help others get the help they needed to properly deal with grief.

After completing The Grief Recovery Method® Certification Program, I combined my 20+ years of experience as a Professional Registered Nurse and Life Leadership Transformation Coach to establish my own Grief Recovery Method® practice for adults suffering from the loss of a relationship, job, lifestyle, health and/or significant others. Ignored or improperly treated grief is unhealthy and can interfere with day-to-day living as well as your overall wellness. If you are experiencing grief and want proper help to cope, heal and recover, schedule a free discovery call with me by entering your name, email and phone number below.

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